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Our IMpact

We partner with local organizations that build better communities by investing in the lives of the underserved.


Love Fosters Hope

To inspire hope and bring healing to foster children and youth.


Finishing Touch

To show the love of Christ by transforming empty spaces into fully-furnished, personalized homes. We serve our community by accepting gently-used furniture and décor from those who have much, in order to meet the needs of those who have little. All is done in complete dependence on the Lord and for his glory alone.


Hands Of Justice

Our mission is to provide economic empowerment for survivors through awareness, outreach, survivor scholarships, and survivor led support groups.

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E 2:10 Outdoors

With the purpose of sharing our love for Jesus and the outdoors with youth, our focus each year is to take young men on challenging outdoor adventures in God's most beautiful landscapes. 

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